Windows of Houston Enclosures

Custom Enclosures can be installed and adapt to any type of building material. We use and install high quality building material to insure only the highest level of quality workmanship, craftsmanship and customer satisfaction can be achieved and maintained.

Custom Enclosures provide a controlled outdoor environment, a protected paradise your family will make memories in and enjoy for years. Custom Enclosures are durable and can be designed to focus on different needs such as protection from sun light or UV rays or resist damage from family pets.

Custom Enclosures can be applied as an extension to your home, enclose a pool area or as a free standing structure. Some of the most common benefits of adding a Custom Enclosure from Windows of Houston are:

  • Eliminate Bugs, Debris and Harsh Sun Light
  • Reduce Pool Maintenance
  • Reduced Fading of Patio Furniture
  • Prolonged Life of Pool Chemicals
  • Keep Children Safe
  • Create an Insect Free Environment
  • Durable, Made from High Quality Painted Aluminum
  • Virtually Maintenance Free
  • Increase The Value of Your Home
  • Provide Extra Living Space
  • Provides Protection from Harmful U.V. Rays

The most common reason for adding a Custom Enclosure is to provide protection again insects, bugs and unwanted animals. Custom Enclosures can create outdoor environments around your pool for you and your family to relax, entertain and enjoy pure comfort, free of unwanted outdoor elements such as insects, bugs and unwanted animals in your pool, patio or deck area.

The second most common reason for adding a Custom Enclosure is to provide protection from the sun, sun light and UV rays. This is particularly desirable around pool areas. From protecting you and your family to protecting your investments such as patio furniture, pool chemicals, paint and even decking. We will educate you on several different screening applications that focus on different elements such as shading, UV Rays and heat index.

The most important use and reason to install a Custom Enclosure from Windows of Houston is Safety. Keep your pool area safe from unwanted visits by intruders, strangers, neighbors and even small children. This will help avoid accidental drowning, unsupervised access and unauthorized use. Fences and gates can be climbed. Custom Pool Enclosures are a high deterrent to the most important concerns of all pool owners. We can use different grades and types of material to achieve the level protection you desire.

Call us today for a free in-home evaluation and consultation which will educate you on different screening applications and building material and how our professional Custom Enclosures can enhance your quality of life and provide your family a paradise of memories for years to come.

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